Download the FREE trial of Caretaker

Dear Rental Property Manager,

Thank you for taking the time to consider Caretaker Trust Accounting Software for your managed complex. We have emailed you a link back to this page so you can download and install at a later time if needed. To download the evaluation copy of Caretaker V6, simply follow the instructions from Step 1. below or if you are familiar with downloading and installing software then you can use this link to download the software.

Download Caretaker V6 (Fully working Free trial)

Sales Documentation (if you wish to purchase)

Step 1. - First, please download the Caretaker Install program by clicking here and a dialog box will appear as shown below.

Now click the "Save" button and the Save As dialog box will appear as shown below:

save to dialog

We recommend saving this file to your Desktop for easy removal later, but feel free to save the file in a folder you are familiar with, My Documents would also be a popular choice. Once you have selected where you want to save the file, click the "Save" button.

A progress dialog box will appear and will start downloading the Caretaker Install program to your computer. Depending on your internet connection speed, this can take between 20 seconds for broadband users up to 3 or 4 minutes for dial up users.

When the download is completed the dialog box will show as being complete. See screen shot below:

download complete

At this stage simply click the "Run" button and the Caretaker installation will automatically run, follow the prompts during the install process.

Well done, you have completed Step 1, now continue to Step 2. below.

Step 2. - Once installed, to run the trial please follow these instructions...

On first loading the software, the License Details screen will appear which controls the use of the software.

NOTE: If you received an error running Caretaker then click here

Please click on the Load License button (bottom left) and then, Double click the 14-day-trial file displayed on the next screen and then click close. The trial license is valid for up to fourteen days for trial purposes only.  To purchase the software an email must be sent to Farmbaye Pty Ltd or phone call requesting the purchase order information which must also include the Machine ID.  This information, after operating in Demonstration mode, is available from the Help > License Details tab. Use the clipboard on the right hand side to copy the Machine ID onto an email or fax.

Please note that the license is issued to the Manager, Complex and locked to the machine to ensure security of the license issued.

After the software license or demonstration license is completed, click Close and the system will run through a small setup wizard designed to organise the receipt numbers, date period or balancing period and information critical to set up.  Enter the start and end days of the financial period to start – then enter the first receipt number which would next be issued by Caretaker V6 following on from any previous system used.  If we are not following on from any previous system, it is recommended to start the receipt printing at 1000.

Click Save Setup to proceed to the main menu.

In order to fully set up the system before any receipting can take place or any transactions entered please follow through the Options setup screens.  Note that the License details cannot be altered – these are part of a coded algorithm to protect both the management of the property and the software licensing.  Any changes to the license must be made with Farmbaye Pty Ltd – transfer of license from one management company to another is possible with notice and with the completion and payment of the transfer of license documentation and fee.

Please note that we recommend that if the management rights are to be sold, the trust account should be cleared to zero and therefore an end of financial period balancing should take place – please contact Farmbaye Pty Ltd well in advance of the settlement date so that we can help to set the end of financial period dates for easier transition.

Your main menu is headed up as shown below.  Please follow the Options setup screens explained next to complete your company setup.

Problem running Caretaker v6

Symptoms of the problem

Caretaker may not start after you install Microsoft security update 925902 (MS07-017) and security update 928843 (MS07-008) on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2). Additionally, you may receive an error message that resembles the following:

Caretaker - Illegal System DLL Relocation The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory.

This is a Microsoft problem and requires you to save and run the following file: DOWNLOAD PATCH

Caretaker is owned and created here in Australia by

Farmbaye Pty Ltd
PO Box 9,
Kalorama  Vic  3766

Director: Carol Nesbitt

Phone: 03 97281544
Fax:     03 97285506


Support is offered to all clients of Caretaker Trust Accounting Software on a casual basis. Farmbaye Pty Ltd is totally committed to ensuring that each user is fully satisfied with the product and gets the most from it. Our aim is to provide you with a facility through which you can discuss any problem or any issue relating to the use of Caretaker.

With this in mind, Farmbaye Pty Ltd will provide telephone support Monday to Friday, except public holidays, absolutely free of charge for the first 30 days after purchase.  After that; Casual support. This is a simple, pay as you use type of system.

Casual support is available Monday to Friday except Public holidays.  Calls will be timed and charged accordingly with a minimum of $15 and a maximum hourly rate of $40 per hour.  You will be invoiced the same day via email with the inclusion of payment details and continued support will be dependant on invoices being paid promptly.

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