purchase concierge for $200 (AUD) - (includes the first three months of support)

Concierge Front Office System is easy to purchase - you'll be up and running in a very short period of time. There are two ways to purchase our product.

  1. You may wish to download the trial version and setup your property. Please don’t be afraid to call us – we would be delighted to log in to your computer via TeamViewer and help you with the setup – you can choose to enter test data or start entering real data! We can license the copy you are using so you won't loose any data you've entered in the trial period. The software will prompt you to purchase a license at the end of your 14 day trial period. You can choose to pay by credit card, direct payment or paypal account. Again, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance during this process.

  2. If you’ve already decided that you wish to purchase without testing the trial version:   Purchase Concierge

The initial purchase price of Concierge covers the cost of the software plus support, maintenance and upgrades for the first quarter. After this period is up, you can renew your support plan for a selected period (Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly) as follows:

Support, maintenance and licensing fee

The Support, Maintenance and Licensing Fee covers our customers for continual development, modifications made to the software on an ongoing basis, Channel Manager upgrades and inclusions, the licensing of the software, telephone and email support, access to continually updated manuals and video tutorials via our brand new website as well as the peace of mind that we are always available to help and keep your software up to date with the ever increasing technology changes and upgrades.   Read the full terms of support here

Basic Support (Quarterly) @$200
Basic Support (Half Yearly) @$400
Basic Support (Yearly) @$800
Extended Support (Quarterly) @$300
Extended Support (Half Yearly) @$600
Extended Support (Yearly) @$1,200

Basic support and maintenance -  sofware upgrades, modifications, licensing and support from MON – FRI (8am to 6pm).

Extended support and maintenance - software upgrades, modifications, licensing and support from MON – SUN (7am to 11pm).