features of caretaker

Some of the features include...

  • Clear screens, easy to read and instantly pop up to rent due & overdue with simple two click navigation to everything.
  • Dashboard with instant bank balance view, quick view of owner balancing and management reconciliation screens
  • Lease Wizard makes creating leases easy with cycles of - Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly including auto renewal options
  • Track tenant ledger with ease including tenant ledger arrears reports and statements, all with easy email option
  • Letterbox feature allows for simple email communications with owners, tenants or suppliers all with or without the inclusion of reports
  • Receipts with print and/or email option—easily locate and reprint duplicate
  • Task Wizard helps managers schedule for maintenance, inspections etc with pop up alarms and reminders
  • Property logo can be embedded to show on statements, reports etc
  • End of Financial Period Wizard to guide all managers through a full reconciliation process with ABA file creation stored automatically to upload owner payments online
  • Version 7 now includes additional features for businesses working in Commercial rental management and / or Sales
  • Easy mid month owner payment options including recording, reporting and ABA bank upload
  • Charges for utilities and additional tenant services can be scheduled for payment either individually or in batch format