purchase caretaker for $995 (AUD)

Caretaker Residential Leases Software is an easy to purchase software package with a small annual support, maintenance and licensing fee charged on a yearly basis of $250.

  Purchase Caretaker

Annual Support, maintenance and licensing fee

The support, Maintenance and Licensing fee covers our customers for continual development, modifications made to the software on an ongoing basis, the licensing of the software, telephone and email support.

Initial purchase (includes first years support) @$995
Ongoing Support (Yearly) @$250

Also included is access to updated manuals when available and video tutorials located on our website as well as the peace of mind that we are always available to help and keep your software up to date with the ever increasing technology changes and upgrades.

We endeavour to answer every call first time, but on occasions if we are busy, please leave a full voice message or email us and we will make sure your call is returned.

The cost of ongoing support - is paid online via our payment gateway @ $250 per annum, calls are limited to 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

  Read the full terms of support here

Please be aware that the payment gateway provides our clients with an online purchase and renewal tool so that the electronic license is issued immediately. If you have purchased or renewed and the license file has not been emailed through to you, please contact our office for assistance.